This is the personal story of Sandra shared through our web to explain to the world her fight against epilepsy

My story is still recent and I am, still, psychologically troubled. In March, my second child was born and two weeks after giving birth, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was over. I was at home with all my family around me. I didn’t understand anything…

They took me to the hospital and there, they explained to me what had happened: I had just had my first epileptic seizure. That same night I had another one, and the truth is that I have very few memories of all that. All I know is that I entered on a Friday and I was not discharged until Sunday.

It turned out that my 4-year-old son witnessed everything and told his father that his mother was vomiting and had given herself a blow to the head.

With the medication, everything was under control until this July, when it happened to me again and, this time, in the middle of a copy shop. I woke up again at the hospital…

26 years having a normal life and overnight, I get a disease that makes me dependent on everything and everyone. What worries me the most, is having a seizure again in front of my children as they are still too young to understand what is happening to me and, I don’t want them to see me as a weak person. A device that warns you when it’s going to happen would be of great help.

For now, the situation is a harsh, but I try to face it as well as I can. One more day is a won day.


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