This is the personal story of Álvaro’s dad shared through our web to explain to the world his fight against epilepsy

MJN brings hope to us because it can help us with a key issue. With the device they are designing we could have information about how many daily seizures our son has and adapt the things in his environment that affect him most. In this way we could adapt the spaces where he spends the most time, like school, for example.

Creating a favourable environment so that he can develop more normally would be a great improvement for us and for the boy. A discreet and convenient device would allow us to monitor Álvaro and try to control his seizures, it would give us a lot of information that we don’t have now, for example we don’t know if he spends most of the time in school obsessed with some pattern on the ceiling or the wall or anything else. Can you imagine if they made a device that sends information in real time to your mobile? It would be incredible. It would help us a lot.

“The MJN story of a father who designs the device for his daughter with epilepsy is a great example of how parents will always fight for our children’s quality of life.”

I mentioned earlier what parents have to do for the sake of their children. Nobody fights for them like us. The MJN story of a father who designs the device for his epileptic daughter is very illustrative. Only we, parents, have this strength for them and to improve their quality of life as much as possible.

Find out your risk of having an epileptic seizure at any time and place.



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