This is the story of Maira shared through our website to explain to the world his fight against epilepsy

I am a mother of 4 children and work as an accountant for a company. In 2011 I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis that left me as a sequel mild epileptic seizures, a fact that has changed my life completely.

One of the hardest consequences of my crises are memory losses. It is not easy to go out and have someone greet you and you do not remember who that person is even if you feel that you know her.

The current situation in my country, Venezuela, makes it very difficult to access the medication I need, causing me to bear its high cost myself. Despite this, life has brought me wonderful people like my co-workers who support me emotionally and financially at all times. And most importantly, they are my source of energy to move forward and fight.

I have found a group of dance therapy where I feel good and help me to disconnect. I have also created a Facebook group where people in the same situation share their stories and experiences. Digital communities help us engage and make us aware that we are not alone.


Find out your risk of having an epilepsy crisis at any time and place.



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