Every year the Everis Foundation organizes the Everis Awards event, a prestigious recognition of innovation, research and entrepreneurship, where companies in the technological sector from all over the world present their candidatures.

Last January, the foundation opened the registration period for those projects that aspire to win the 17th Everis Awards. The projects were classified into three main categories: new business models in the digital economy, industrial technologies and biotechnology and health. MJN, with its auricular device to evaluate the risk of epileptic seizure, entered the competition in this last modality.

Since 2016, MJN has taken part in every edition of the Everis awards, defending our device among a total of almost one thousand projects from twenty countries. But it has not been until now that we have managed to reach the final.

In this last edition, out of the 61 projects selected in the semi-final it was announced that MJN had qualified as one of the 6 finalists to compete for the Everis 2018 Award. Thus we were able to defend our work before a panel of experts composed of investors, business executives and representatives of the Everis group. We were recognized with a secondary award prize of 10,000 Euros and consultancy services. This is undoubtedly very good news for our project, as we now have more resources to continue developing and improving MJN-SERAS, making it known to the world and making it a reality in a short time.


Find out your risk of having an epilepsy crisis at any time and place.



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