An article by our contributor Maria Palanca

The days of Easter are days of holidays, rest and departures. It’s also a time to enjoy without forgetting epilepsy. I wanted to take this opportunity to recall some important tips before these holidays.

Take advantage of the good weather to do exercise outdoors, ride a bicycle, go for a walk to the countryside or to the beach, as long as (especially if you have frequent crises), accompanied by another person so that in the case of a seizure may help you.

If you are going to travel, especially with suitcases that you have to check in or lose sight of at any time, take your medication with you along with a medical report to avoid problems at borders or customs. Think that if you lose your suitcase you will run out of medication! It is also a good habit to get used to taking a full 24-hour intake for possible unforeseen events that may arise, such as an unplanned lunch or dinner. A small pill dispenser barely takes up space in a bag or pocket and will allow you to enjoy improvised plans

Remember that it is important to respect the sleep. If you go out at night to meet friends or family, try not to go to bed too late and get hours of sleep the next day. As far as possible, these night outings should be planned to allow you to take a previous nap.

And finally, always remember that the consumption of alcohol and drugs is totally incompatible with epilepsy and life in general.

Greetings and happy Easter!

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