An article by our contributor Irene Tarragó

Based on the fact that I speak from my own experience and that each case is unique, I can say that, in most cases, yes.

Having this disease, women have doubts about becoming pregnant. Is epilepsy hereditary? Do I have to stop taking medication during my pregnancy?

All these doubts should be asked to our neurologist and our gynaecologist. They are professionals and the only ones who can answer our questions. When it comes to stopping the medication, of course NEVER on your own initiative. Always follow the specialist’s instructions. And, if epilepsy is hereditary, the answer is no, it is not. It happens as with other diseases that create a certain predisposition to have it, but it is not hereditary.

I personally had two children. I’m talking about 35 years ago (my oldest son is 34 and my youngest is 29). It is curious that each pregnancy was carried out by a different gynaecologist and the two of them coincided in making me have a caesarean section. They didn’t want to expose me to the effort of childbirth. But it doesn’t always have to be like this. I have met women with epilepsy who have given birth normally. My children were born healthy. In the next blog post, I will tell you what happened to one of them and how I handled it.

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