An article by our contributor Irene Tarragó

When parents are told their son or daughter has epilepsy it’s as if their word has just fallen apart.

This mainly occurs due to the lack of knowledge still existing about this disease, and the stigma hanging over it “thanks” to literature, cinema, superstition… My suggestion for you is just to be CALM. 70% of people with epilepsy can lead a “normal” life, and it’s very possible your son or daughter is included in this 70%.

I’m 60 years old. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 17 years old. It was hard at the beginning, because the most difficult is to find the right drug. Each person and each epilepsy is different. When the neurologist found mine, everything became smooth. I was able to study English Philology for three years at University (I didn’t finish because of other reasons), I played sports, I obtained my driver’s license, I became a mother, I worked… in other words: I ENJOYED LIFE. And the only thing I need to do is to take my medication everyday, not to drink any alcohol and sleep eight hours a day. It’s not very difficult.

And I continue enjoying and getting more out of life everyday. Why won’t your son or daughter?


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