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la historia de dulce con la epilepsia

Dulce: “If I was going to study it would be to go to college and fulfill my dream”

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 12 and since then my life has changed. The neuropediatrician could…
dispositivo dispositivo medico predecir crisis epilepsiamedico predecir crisis epilepsia

Best thanks…

My name is Marina. I'm fourteen years old, dark hair and eyes and I'm tall. But I have a problem,…


Find out your risk of having an epileptic fit at any time and place.

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Find out your risk of having an epileptic fit at any time and place.

Check it out

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Greater visibility and understanding about epilepsy allows for a better quality of life for those who suffer from it


“Hi, I’m Marina and I’ve had epilepsy for over 13 years because of my illness…”

Epilepsy International Day

We fight against the stigmatization of epilepsy, spread the word.

Epilepsy in MWC2018

“…in the end innovation has a result if it reaches the street, if it reaches the people.”


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When parents are told their son or daughter has epilepsy it’s as if their word has just fallen apart. This…
size your adventure

“Seize Your Adventure” bringing epilepsy into the world naturally and fearlessly

In February 2018, the Seize Your Adventure project was born, an online magazine of outdoor adventures and activities whose protagonists…

Exploding myths about epilepsy

For many people, overcoming problems related to the social stigma of epilepsy is harder than living with the disease itself.…

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