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Ann: “Helping others is my passion, my calling”

In Canada alone, an average of 42 people a day learn that they have Epilepsy and over 50 million people…

Sheila: “If we learn to live with it, we can be happier than we think”

"Learning to live with what I have", that's how I'd title my life. Epilepsy appeared just when my future plans…

Miriam: “At least we could end the uncertainty that this disease brings”

I live in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the age of 40, I suffered my first epileptic…


Find out your risk of having an epileptic fit at any time and place.

Check it out


Find out your risk of having an epileptic fit at any time and place.

Check it out

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Greater visibility and understanding about epilepsy allows for a better quality of life for those who suffer from it


“Hi, I’m Marina and I’ve had epilepsy for over 13 years because of my illness…”

Epilepsy International Day

We fight against the stigmatization of epilepsy, spread the word.

Epilepsy in MWC2018

“…in the end innovation has a result if it reaches the street, if it reaches the people.”


How does


MJN-SERAS is the first wearable medical device that records your brain activity. Combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, it is capable of detecting your risk of having an epileptic seizure at any time.

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Mother with epilepsy, child with epilepsy

I ended my previous blog entry by saying that I'd tell you what had happened to one of my children…

“Women with epilepsy suffer a double burden: being a woman and being epileptic”

The social perception of epilepsy has changed a lot in recent years. Now there is more information but there is…

If I have epilepsy… can I be a mother?

Based on the fact that I speak from my own experience and that each case is unique, I can say…

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