Last year we had the honour of winning the Vodafone Foundation prize for the best ICT Social Solution in the 12th edition.

Thanks to this recognition we have been able to attend the 2019 edition of Mobile Word Congress integrated in Vodafone’s stand and sharing space with one of the most innovative and important companies in the telecom sector. For us it has been a pleasure to share these days with incredible people from Vodafone such as Mari Satur, Estíbaliz, Gloria or Remedios, who have helped us to make our experience a success. In these 4 days we have been able to share experiences with great projects such as Showleap or Entamar.

And most importantly, we have achieved our goal. To make it visible, raise awareness and try to fight to eliminate the stigma that people with epilepsy still suffer today. Different political personalities, from entities such as the International Red Cross, and the media have passed through our stand and have learnt how our project works to improve the lives of people suffering from this condition.

„Different actors of the medical,

investment and technological

sectors have shown their 

interest in helping us“

We have also had an agenda full of meetings with different actors of the medical, investment and technological sectors that have shown their interest in helping us to make our device to assess the risk of epileptic seizure a reality in the shortest possible time.

And finally, we won the #IOTInnovationCatalan prize organized by #IOTWTIWC at  @4YfN, where our colleague Jordina gave an excellent presentation.

In short, it has been an incredible experience that encourages us to continue pushing our project forward.


Find out your risk of having an epileptic seizure at any time and place.



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