This is the personal story of Luisa shared through our web to explain to the world her fight against epilepsy

I’ve had epilepsy since I was young, controlled by medication, but if I don’t sleep much, I’m more likely to have a seizure. They always used to be an „instant blackout“, with injuries, etc., but for some years now they’ve been different: now I have about 30 seconds in which I have a sliver of consciousness, in which I don’t even understand what people are saying to me at that moment, when all I can think is „take the pills, it’s coming“. And when I take them, consciousness starts to come back. This has saved me two or three serious falls. So I know exactly what a minute can mean in these cases. I hope your project is a success because you are going to help many people. Congratulations and keep it up!

Find out your risk of having an epileptic seizure at any time and place.



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